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Viral protein annotation project

The Viral protein annotation project focuses on the manual annotation of viral proteins, viral and host taxonomy and host interaction specificities.

See: How do we manually annotate a UniProtKB entry?

Each protein is annotated according to the quality standards of UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot providing a wealth of information that includes the description of the function, domain structure, subcellular location, post-translational modifications, host-virus interactions, similarities to other proteins and numerous cross-references to various databases. The taxonomy describes precisely the strain or isolate from which the protein sequence belongs to.

Viral UniProtKB entries can also be accessed through the ViralZone website. The concept of this website is to associate specific knowledge for each virus family with viral protein and genomic sequences. All the available information is presented in a concise and accessible virus fact sheet, associated with the ordered list of reviewed entries. The site covers the whole known virosphere. The database section allows access to UniProtKB protein entries, as well as to specific virology databases.

Our efforts are currently directed towards viral ontology and reference strain annotation. A robust ontology will allow a more precise definition of the involvement of each protein in viral replication steps. The reference strain annotation will become the benchmark for each of the 334 genera.

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